HLAA Webinar: ICAAT – Creating a community that brings together consumers and industry

December 07, 2021



Have you ever wanted to engage with technology developers and help shape technologies to better fit your needs? The Industry-Consumer Alliance for Accessible Technology (ICAAT) is creating an online community of consumers and industry to inspire more accessible, innovative and responsive technologies that meet the needs of consumers with hearing loss. Presenters showed how to join ICAAT’s online community where you can access and participate in discussions about a wide range of technology topics and issues, explore and share resources and learn about technology-related events. They also previewed future ICAAT offerings, including a marketplace of industry services, user stories about consumer needs and training opportunities.

ICAAT is a joint project of HLAA, Gallaudet University and American Institutes of Research, which is funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research through the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center at Gallaudet University.


Linda Kozma-Spytek

Linda Kozma-Spytek, M.A., CCC-A

Consultant & Professional Adviser on Technology, Hearing Loss Association of America

Linda Kozma-Spytek is a consultant and professional adviser to HLAA on technology. She currently co-leads the Industry Consumer Alliance for Accessible Technology (ICAAT) project under the auspices of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (DHH Tech RERC) at Gallaudet University. Before coming to HLAA, she was a senior... Read More >

Victoria Lennon headshot

Victoria Lennon

Senior Communications Specialist, American Institutes for Research

Victoria Lennon is a senior communications specialist at the American Institutes for Research, where she provides communications and marketing support to a range of Federal and non-Federal clients. She leads teams of integrated communications and research and evaluation staff to best understand target audience behavior to inform communication strategies, content development... Read More >

Lise Hamlin

Lise Hamlin

Director of Public Policy, HLAA

Lise Hamlin joined the Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) national staff as director of public policy in April 2008. Ms. Hamlin, who has a hearing loss herself, has worked as an advocate for people with hearing loss for 25 years. She currently represents HLAA on federal advisory committees such... Read More >