Intro to hearOclub – Avoiding ‘Hearing Emergencies’

May 22, 2019


What started as a mission to help the elder community has progressed to giving anyone with hearing aids or a cochlear implant the peace of mind that they will always have a consistent supply of fresh batteries delivered to their home. We will break down the health benefits of always having access to batteries, describe some of our members’ journeys and the barriers they faced before joining, and define what a ‘hearing emergency’ is and how you can avoid it.



Photo of Benjamin Norman

Benjamin Norman

Co-founder, hearOclub

Ben joined hearOclub from a career in management consulting, specializing in organizational effectiveness and product development. His background in process improvement has proven invaluable in getting hearOclub’s operations off the ground and running efficiently to better serve our members. Read More >

Photo of Bob Pole standing in front of a tree.

Bob Pole

Co-founder, hearOclub

Bob has worked in the battery and consumer products industry for over 20 years. Through focus groups, he learned elders who wear hearing aids would go days, and in many cases weeks, without hearing while they wait for family members to drop off batteries. He took his experience in the... Read More >

Photo of RJ Pole

RJ Pole

Co-founder, hearOclub

RJ graduated from Indiana University with a degree in telecommunications, and worked in the advertising industry in Chicago for 10 years. After learning about the difficulties people have in senior living communities with accessing hearing aid batteries through visits to his grandmother, he co-founded hearOclub with Bob and Ben.  ... Read More >