Living Your Best Life with Hearing Loss

March 20, 2019


  • Do you let your hearing loss stop you from living a purposeful, meaningful, and productive life?
  • Are you ashamed or embarrassed about your hearing loss?
  • Are you unsure how to handle your hearing loss at work/school, social environment or physical activity?

Not only will Susanna share personal stories, she will give you suggestions on how to handle these situations successfully whether you wear hearing aids or cochlear implants. After this presentation, you will be empowered to live your best life.


Photo of Susanna Dussling

Susanna Dussling

Susanna knows adversity—she was born deaf, but lives in a hearing world. As a bilateral cochlear implant wearer, and former hearing aid user, she uses her experiences to teach us that, in spite of setbacks, it is possible to achieve success with a positive attitude. Susanna presents to groups, organizations,... Read More >