The Patient’s Guide to Tinnitus: 2016

September 21, 2016


Audiologists and other health professionals evaluate and manage tinnitus daily and can provide effective and useful management for up to 90% of all tinnitus patients. Although for some people with unrelenting tinnitus, it may be a chronic and disabling condition. Taming tinnitus begins with a complete history and audiologic evaluation, and may involve multiple health care professionals – depending on the findings. In this webinar, we’ll detail the types of tests which are useful to diagnose and manage the tinnitus patients (audiometric tests as well as questionnaires, medical consultations, radiographic studies and more), tinnitus classifications (subjective versus objective findings), treatments (medical, audiologic, psychological and more) and the vast multitude of wallet-biopsies, scams, snake-oil and “take the money and run” approaches found in newspapers, airline magazines, food stores and pharmacies.


Photo of Douglas L. Beck, Au.D.

Douglas Beck

Director of Academic Sciences, Oticon, Inc.

Douglas L. Beck, Au.D. earned his master’s degree at the University of Buffalo (1984) and his doctorate from the University of Florida. His professional career began in Los Angeles at the House Ear Institute in cochlear implant research and intraoperative cranial nerve monitoring. By 1988, he was director of audiology... Read More >