Research Studies and You: Where to Start, and What to Ask

July 17, 2019



Ever wonder what it’s like to take part in a research study? Or how to find research studies or trials to participate in? Loretta Byrne RN, from Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Project Manager of ResearchMatch, will be sharing information about the basics of clinical trials, what it’s like to take part in a research study, and how to go about looking for studies that are of interest to you. She’ll also provide an overview of HLAA’s new partner, ResearchMatch – an NIH funded website that matches people who are interested in taking part in research with researchers from across the country!



Photo of Loretta Byrne, RN

Loretta Byrne, RN, MS, CCRP

Research Services Consultant, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Loretta Byrne is a research services consultant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the project manager for the national NCATS-funded platform, Previous to this role, Loretta served as a research nurse specialist, and recruited for and conducted clinical trials in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at VUMC for twelve... Read More >