Wait – There’s a Student with Hearing Loss Coming into My Class?

August 17, 2016


Children with hearing loss often do not have a professional in their school who understand hearing loss. If you are a teacher/speech pathologist with a new student with hearing loss, this webinar will address the issues that will be important for you to understand to allow your student to access communication and learning. Parents – please join us (you may learn something new), and share this webinar with your child’s teacher!

The following videos were played during the webinar (in the order that the videos were presented):

Slide #9 – Flintstones hearing loss demonstration
40 seconds

Slide #11 – Charlie Brown’s teacher
7 seconds

Slide #21 – Segment of Bad Lipreading Star Wars edition
36 seconds

Slide #35 – section of VT Center for the Deaf and HOH  (this is open captioned)
1 minute



Photo of Kym Meyer

Kym Meyer, M.S., CCC-A

Director of Public School Partnerships, The Learning Center for the Deaf

Kym Meyer is an educational audiologist and certified teacher. She is also a Ph.D. student in Special Education at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She has worked in a variety of environments, including teaching at the Helen Keller National Center, and providing audiology services on the cochlear implant team at the Massachusetts... Read More >