Welcome Back Chapters!

Dear Chapter and State Leaders,

Thank you to all of you who work tirelessly as volunteers on behalf of HLAA and people with hearing loss. Your contribution to HLAA is priceless!

September is usually the start of a new season for HLAA Chapters and this season is not like the last one. COVID-19 has changed our landscape and chapter and state leaders are rolling up their sleeves trying to acclimate to a new virtual world. We applaud and cheer all your efforts in helping each other and working together to adjust to this new way of meeting.

Leaders are learning, struggling, and mastering all sorts of new technologies with meeting platforms, automatic speech recognitional, and CART applications. If your chapter needs help adjusting to this environment, please let us know. We will do what we can to help.

The fall season is very exciting with Fall Walk4Hearing events going virtual! Please note our past post on the Walk4Hearing inviting HLAA Chapters to take the opportunity to become an alliance if they are outside of designated Walk states. Click here.

Let’s hear from you! Chapter updates are due October 1, 2020. Find the form here. Please add an update as to your current status in this pandemic, if you are meeting online or not meeting, and if you need assistance.

We encourage you to share these resources and recordings located on the HLAA website:
Chapter Development Workshop Recordings
HLAA Virtual Meetings
HLAA Webinars
Veterans Across America Virtual Chapter Meetings
Telecare Tools to Supplement Your Hearing Care
COVID-19 Resources

More information coming soon on Upcoming Chapter Development Workshops and HLAA Webinars.

Kind regards,
Carla Beyer-Smolin
National Chapter and Membership Coordinator