Welcome Back, HLAA Chapters and State Organizations!

Dear Chapter and State Leaders,

Welcome back to a brand new season! There is lots of exciting activity in the HLAA Community. HLAA Chapters and State organizations continue to be resilient, constantly adapting and adjusting their plans on how to hold meetings this fall due to the ongoing challenge of this pandemic. We appreciate the support you have for each other and your communities, and we know you’ll make the best decisions based on your circumstances.

Many chapters have decided to continue to meet safely with virtual meetings, some are attempting in-person meetings/social gatherings and others are considering hybrid meetings. If your chapter is struggling with adapting to virtual meetings or needs assistance, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help in any way we can.

One thing remains: HLAA Chapters are a place where it’s okay not to hear well. The HLAA mission is fully alive in our local chapters providing information, education, support and advocacy.

Please note the following:

Chapter Updates are due by October 1, 2021. Find the form here. Please add an update as to your current status in this pandemic – if you are meeting online or not meeting, and if you need assistance.

HLAA membership brochures and publications have been revised due to HLAA’s new address. Please remind chapter members that the new address for HLAA is 6116 Executive Blvd, Suite 320, Rockville, MD, 20852, and that Online Membership is no longer offered due to the Hearing Life digital magazine being free and open to the public here. Revised membership brochures and publications can be ordered from the HLAA Online Store.

 Chapter Leader Resources – See past chapter development workshop recordings and resources.

HLAA Online Community – Get connected and share ideas in these special interest groups. 

HLAA Calendar – See upcoming HLAA events and local chapter and state meetings around the country. We encourage HLAA Leaders to list your chapter and state meetings on the HLAA Leaders Group.

Upcoming Events:

Walk4Hearing starts this Sunday in NYC! – The Fall Walk4Hearing season returns with in-person events! NYC Walk4Hearing is presenting special livestream coverage this Sunday, September 19 at 9:30 a.m. ET. HLAA Chapter and State Organization leaders are invited to tune in and join the Walk festivities from your home. Join us on Zoom to experience the excitement of Walk4Hearing, chat with HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley and show your support for the community! See the Walk4Hearing website for more information about future in-person events.

September 23, 2021“We Hear You, Now Hear Us”: Roxana Rotundo, Holly Cohen, Shari Eberts and Toni Iacolucci dig deep to share their experiences living with hearing loss for this first-of-its kind documentary. Register here to have a private screening of the film in advance of the Zoom Event. Then, join the Talkback with another star, Gael Hannan, who will lead a discussion with the film’s producers and stars. The video link for the documentary can be shared with chapter members to encourage them to join this Talkback event.

September 27, 2021Chapter Development Workshop with Christopher Furlan, IDA Institute: Explore the Future of Hearing Care: Are You Ready?

October 11, 2021 – National Hospital Safety Program: The program’s goal is for the audience to learn about the unique accommodations certain hospitals from around this country have for people with hearing loss. Each of the Zoom meeting presenters are passionate advocates and will talk about the accommodations their hospitals provide for people with hearing loss. 

Please continue to stay safe and be well. We wish you a successful year ahead!

Best regards,
Carla Beyer-Smolin
Chapter and Membership Coordinator