Barbara Kelley

Executive Director, HLAA


Photo of Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley became executive director in March 2016. Hired by Founder Rocky Stone in 1988, Barbara has been a part of the organization’s growth, serving as editor for the award-winning magazine for more than 28 years. Her position as editor allowed her to influence attitudes, establish lexicon, and give people credible, reliable and timely information, and support, through the printed word. She has also helped manage the office team, served as deputy executive director from 2008-2016, and worked on many of the HLAA programs.

Barbara said, “It has been my life’s work to contribute to the mission of the organization. It’s been exciting to be part of an organization that has had so much influence on public policy and people’s lives.”

In addition to making her life’s work HLAA, her hobbies once included publishing her own digital magazine and blogging about food and hospitality. Barbara enjoys reading, baseball (spectator not player), yoga, volunteering at school, and most of all, hospitality – cooking tasty food and welcoming people to their home where she lives with her husband and son.