experience some degree of hearing loss.



have service-connected hearing disabilities or are in treatment for hearing-related issues.

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Hearing technology outcomes matter, and we can measure those outcomes by performing speech perception testing (SPT). Hearing technology may include hearing aids, cochlear implants or bone conduction implants. Hearing technology outcomes are defined as how well our patients perform on listening tests while using the technology we have recommended and programmed for them. Speech perception testing is an objective way to assess hearing technology benefit; however, it is not widely used by hearing aid practices or centers. SPT involves listening to sentences or words in quiet and in background noise, while wearing hearing technology. This testing is done at a conversational level to try and mimic real-life listening situations while in a sound booth. Speech perception testing results yield crucial information about patients’ current hearing technology benefit, cochlear implant candidacy, and progress over time.

During this presentation we will review what these results mean for the patient and the clinician, and how the interpretation of these results can help determine the next steps in the aural rehabilitation process.