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This quarterly publication helps HLAA members live better with hearing loss. Each issue of Hearing Life, formerly Hearing Loss Magazine, offers practical and useful information on a variety of topics to help support consumers with hearing loss along with their loved ones, family and friends.

Powerful Stories

Personal stories are a powerful tool for people with hearing loss to find encouragement and give them the feeling that they are not alone in living with a hearing loss. You’ll find articles written by people just like you who know what you’re going through and whose stories will inspire and empower you. 




Information & Support

Hearing Life has broad appeal to many audiences, offering information and support for people with age-related hearing loss, veterans and young adults with hearing loss, parents, educators and those in the workplace. There are educational articles to let you know what resources are available for people with hearing loss, help you understand your rights and offer tips and strategies to live more successfully with hearing loss. 




Stay Up to Date

Hearing health care is going through unprecedented change. Hearing Life will keep you up to date on the latest products, technology, research, services and legislation for people with hearing loss written by experts in the field.




Readers will also find information and updates on the HLAA Convention, Walk4Hearing, our advocacy efforts and the latest chapter news and events.

Hearing Life magazine is just one of the many benefits of HLAA membership.

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