Volunteers Fulfill Our Mission

HLAA fulfills its mission because of its corps of volunteers at the national office and across the country. HLAA volunteers are people with hearing loss, their families and friends, and those in the professional community.

Our volunteers, in turn, are rewarded with the experience of making a clear and dramatic impact on the lives of people with hearing loss. We hope your shared experiences enriches your lives as it has our organization and those we serve.

Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? Have a few hours to spare? The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) needs you. Look here for ways to get involved. For more information, email us at volunteer@hearingloss.org.

You can put your time and talents to work in many ways. Find your niche and realize you are not alone with your hearing loss while you help out the leading organization for people with hearing loss.

  • HLAA National office in Rockville, Maryland
  • HLAA Walk4Hearing held in 19 cities across the country
  • HLAA Chapters who meet in communities across the country
  • HLAA Convention, held yearly in various cities

Thank You to Our Volunteers Coast to Coast
Thanks to all who have worked on behalf of HLAA and people with hearing loss.

Since 1979, our organization has enjoyed the volunteer service of thousands giving their time and talents. The HLAA Chapters and State Organizations are wholly volunteer-led and run. The Walk4Hearing depends on people stepping up to chair the Walks, form teams, and help out with many aspects of the Walk4Hearing. The HLAA Board of Directors is 100% volunteer driven. Because of your millions of volunteer hours, we can fulfill HLAA’s mission of providing information, education, support and advocacy.