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HLAA Walk4Hearing  is a nationwide campaign which brings hope to people with hearing loss in 20 cities, meeting them in their communities to raise awareness and show support. Teams of family and friends join with local HLAA Chapters and nonprofit and business partners to raise funds for local programs and promote hearing health.  Walk4Hearing is HLAA’s community of support in action, breaking down barriers to hearing health and empowering people with hearing loss across the U.S.

Bringing Hope to Hearing Loss

Walk4Hearing is full of hope and encouragement to help families and individuals with hearing loss thrive. These participants are sharing their experiences and hope you can join us at a Walk4Hearing this year.

The Walk is always encouraging, year after year to participate and has brought hope to our family. The experience of being together with people who understand what it is like to have a hearing loss and/or have a child, family member, or friend with a hearing loss is incredible.

— Marlene Fiorentino Wong, Pennsylvania Walk

Alvin and Chipmunks Walk 4 Hearing Team

Alvin and the Chipmunks team
at Pennsylvania Walk

Whenever I go to a Walk4Hearing, the energy of the people around fills me with enthusiasm and hope. I remember my first time with HLAA; just knowing that I wasn’t the only one struggling with hearing loss. It has opened a new world for my family and myself. HLAA is an excellent opportunity to give others what HLAA has given us: the feeling of bringing hope and supporting one another.

— Roxana Rotundo, Florida Walk

Roxana Rotundo and friends at Florida Walk 4 hearing

Roxana in blue walking with HLAA Convention attendees at Florida Walk

Community Impact

To extend our reach into local communities, Walk4Hearing partners with HLAA Chapters, State Organizations, and other nonprofits who share our commitment to hearing health and supporting people with hearing loss. Learn how these organizations are making an impact. Nonprofits across the country can join Walk4Hearing’s alliance program.

2023 Walk4Hearing Schedule

Spring Walks

May 6 – Westchester/Rockland

May 20 – Michigan and Nashville

June 3 – Bay Area and Connecticut

June 11 – Long Beach and Milwaukee

Fall Walks

September 17 – NYC

September 23 – Kentucky

September 24 – Buffalo

October 1 – Chicago and New England

October 8 – New Jersey and North Carolina

October 15 – Washington DC and Pennsylvania

October 21 – San Diego

November 4 – Arizona

November 5 – Houston

November 12 – Florida

Learn more and register at walk4hearing.org.