Health care access collage of contributors

Our program embraces a diverse group of stakeholders invested in the delivery of health care: providers, medical systems, public health researchers and patients. Together, we collaborate toward the common goal of effective communication for people with hearing loss and their companions in all medical encounters.

Calls to Action

Thank you to respondents to the Communication Access in Health Care call for personal stories about telehealth medical encounters.

HLAA continues to welcome patients’ stories about health care experiences. You can send a description either of barriers you’ve encountered or of effective accommodations that you received in any aspect of your health care to our email address at

Your voices matter! We look forward to hearing from you.

Program Updates

  • Participated in meetings of the Disability Equity Collaborative work groups for Research, Documentation of Disability Status, and Guidelines for Implementing Accessible Care, March – May 2022
  • Meeting with American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) telehealth equity competencies team, February 2022
  • Submitted report on telehealth experiences of patients with hearing loss to AAMC.
  • Participated in the Patient Provider Communication Forum, March – May 2022
  • Presented at the American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting, May 2022
  • Redesign of HLAA Communication Access in Health Care webpages

Hearing Life Magazine: Health Care Communication Access Column


Program Leadership

  • Advisers
  • Policy: Lise Hamlin
  • Research: Megan Morris and Nicholas Reed
  • Strategic Team: Elaine McCaffrey, chair, Peggy Ellertsen, Toni Iacolucci and Margaret Wallhagen