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Representatives From Our Community of Stakeholders

Our program embraces a diverse group of stakeholders invested in the delivery of health care: providers, medical systems, public health researchers and patients. Together, we collaborate toward the common goal of effective communication for people with hearing loss and their companions in all medical encounters.

Calls to Action

Thank you to respondents to the Communication Access in Health Care call for personal stories about telehealth medical encounters.

HLAA continues to welcome patients’ stories about health care experiences. You can send a description either of barriers you’ve encountered or of effective accommodations that you received in any aspect of your health care to our email address at

Your voices matter! We look forward to hearing from you.

Program Updates

  • The CAHC Strategic Team and Public Policy Advisor were invited to present at the October meeting of the New York State Disability Access Committee. After providing information about the barriers to accessibility in health care, NYSDAC expressed an interest in working with CAHC towards a number of possible solutions. A key element would be to educate and help patients understand the process and importance of filing complaints when they are not provided needed accommodations. 
  • Listen to the podcast, ASHA’s Voices: What Keeps People with Disabilities from Receiving Needed Care featuring CHAC research advisor, Megan Morris, and a member of our CAHC strategic team. A transcript of the podcast can be viewed here. 
  • A member of HLAA’s CAHC strategic team presented the closing keynote on advocacy actions that incorporate the patient voice in the work of life sciences at the MA Bio Patient Advocacy Summit: Supporting the Patient from All Angles, Cambridge, MA.
  • The Chicago North Shore Chapter of HLAA held the 2022 HLAA Hospital Safety Program, an interactive program with HLAA constituents, Rush University Medical Center, UChicago Medicine, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Swedish Hospital +part NorthShore.  Health care providers and administrators shared best practices they are incorporating at their facilities and challenges experienced during the COVID pandemic, and patients with hearing loss shared their health care stories and communication needs.
  • Members of the CAHC team participated in the Disability Equity Collaborative Work Groups for Research, Documentation and Standards and the Patient Provider Communication Forum.

Hearing Life Magazine: Health Care Communication Access Column


Program Leadership

  • Advisers
  • Policy: Lise Hamlin
  • Research: Megan Morris, Ph.D., M.P.H., CCC-SLP and Nicholas Reed, Au.D., CCC-A
  • Strategic Team: Elaine McCaffrey, chair, Peggy Ellertsen, Toni Iacolucci and Margaret Wallhagen