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Get in the Hearing Loop is a communication access program of HLAA.

We dream of a world where people with hearing loss can thrive each day with communication access, full inclusion, and equal participation in all aspects of life, everywhere they go. Through education, advocacy, and consultation services, the Get in the Hearing Loop program has laid the groundwork for a national movement of loop enthusiasts who are promoting communication access and ADA compliance, one loop at a time. We hope to change public spaces—and lives!—by sharing information about hearing loops.

If you are a…

  • person with hearing loss
  • hearing loss advocate
  • venue that’s interested in providing the best assistive listening experience
  • hearing loop installer or AV tech
  • person or foundation committed to developing hearing-inclusive communities

You’ve come to the right place!  We’re building hearing-friendly communities, and we invite you to join us.

Understanding life with hearing loss

People with hearing loss worry and plan how they’ll communicate every day, in every situation. And often, hearing aids or cochlear implants are not enough. For example:

Imagine not being able to understand…

    • instructions given by a doctor or pharmacist
    • announcements in airports, train stations, or on public transportation
    • your family on the telephone
    • dialogue in a movie, play, or lecture
    • companions at a restaurant
    • work related meetings
    • your teacher, professor or classmates

Now, imagine a technology that addresses these common challenges 
Hearing loops bring sound directly into a listeners’ telecoil-enabled hearing aids or cochlear implant— improving  clarity and understanding. 

Hearing loops provide…
      • Easy, immediate and discreet communication access for people with hearing loss
      • An easy, low-maintenance way for venues to provide communication access technology
      • Hearing access that’s hearing aid compatible and universal
      • A way for venues to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state laws for communication access
      • Thriving, inclusive, and hearing-friendly communities for everyone

For more information about hearing loops, including user and venue benefits, how loops work, and how to choose a loop installer, visit the Hearing Loop Technology page.

Additional Resources:

Brochure, A Guide to Understanding Hearing Loops

Replay the webinar, Hearing Loops Don’t Just Happen, presented by HLAA Hearing Loop Advocate Juliëtte Sterkens, Au.D. 

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