Downloading and Ordering HLAA Print Materials and Promotional Items

Any HLAA marketing and print materials that are available in electronic format can be downloaded as a PDF file. These items can also be ordered as hardcopies through the HLAA Online Store (found toward the bottom of this page). In addition, promotional items such as pens and tablecloths can be ordered through the store.


Hearing Loss Videos DVD cover of man looking back and smilingLearn About Hearing Loss DVD
Includes 7 videos to show in your waiting room or for other educational opportunities.

Hearing Loss Convesation Kit coverHearing Loss Conversation Kit
Download PDF

Hearing Loss Facts & Statistics Brochure
Download PDF

Purchasing a Hearing Aid – A Consumer Checklist
Download PDF

Do You Think You Have a Hearing Loss (Q&A)
Download PDF

GITHL – A Guide to Understanding Hearing Loops
Download PDF

HAT & Telecoil – Are You Hearing Everything You Could?
Download PDF

Membership Brochure cover with diverse peopleMembership Brochure
Download PDF

HLAA Communication Tips Cards 2nd PageCommunication Tips Cards
Download PDF

HLAA Online Store

Print materials and promotional items can be ordered through the HLAA Online Store by chapters, HLAA members and non-members. Many items can be requested in single or bulk quantities and a selection of pre-made packets are also available. The store is managed by Ironmark USA, which includes maintaining the store’s website, stocking inventory, and fulfillment of orders.

We ask that all materials be ordered through the store and not directly through HLAA. The national office does not keep a large inventory of items on hand nor do we have sufficient staff to be able to fulfill orders. However, if you have a special request please contact us directly.

How do I place an order?

  • If you are the current contact person for an HLAA Chapter then you have been set up with a login (email and generic password) for the store and should have received that information in an email. If you are the Chapter’s primary contact and did not receive login instructions, please email When you login for the first time you will be prompted to enter a security question and change your password to something you prefer.
  • If you are an HLAA member, non-member or new visitor to this site, then you may still order HLAA materials – just click on the Click here to create an account link on the HLAA Online Store page. When you login for the first time you will be prompted to enter a security question and change your password to something you prefer.

What can I order through the Online Store?

  • Brochures/Checklists/Hearing Life
  • DVDs
  • Tipcards and Accessibility Stickers
  • Tablecloths/banners/pens with the HLAA logo or Chapter logo if you are the chapter contact
  • and more!

There is no charge for non-promotional print items such as brochures and magazines, however there may be one for other items. If there is a cost for an item it will be indicated with the item.

Please note that whether there is a cost associated with an item or not we do charge shipping on all orders. The shipping amount will be indicated before you submit your order.


Should you have login or technical questions about the HLAA Online Store, email or call 410.329.1224.