HLAA Chapter Leaders Workshop

June 19, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 4:45 pm
HLAA 2019 Convention

Part 1:  Ida Institute Resources for HLAA Chapter Activities

The Ida Institute has developed resources for HLAA Chapters to be used as a tool for encouraging discussion, exploration and reflection on everyday communication situations. During this session you will learn about the various resources and how you can use them to run meetings in a new and engaging way.

Presenter Bert Meijers is a project manager at the Ida Institute and is responsible for developing, planning and driving their integrated online resources including the Ida Learning Hall, their eLearning platform. Bert is also responsible for coordinating the Institute’s partnerships and innovation processes. Before joining the Ida Institute, Bert worked as a project manager within international development and on social enterprise projects in Berlin, Amsterdam and San Francisco. Originally from the Netherlands, Bert has a background in design thinking and social innovation and has a degree from the Kaospilots in Denmark.

The Ida Institute is world renowned for their person-centered care approach. HLAA is a a partner with the Ida Institute on their Person Centered Hearing Care Network. This will be a great session for leaders.

Part 2:  Fundraising, Branding and Other Business Tools for Nonprofits

Get your ducks in a row to engage in fundraising for your HLAA Chapter or state organization.

Ann Thomas is a dynamic and award-winning hearing loss advocate. She is president of Hearing Loss Association of America-Diablo Valley Chapter, a member of the HLAA Get in the Hearing Loop Committee, and a HLAA trained Hearing Assistive Technology Specialist.

She discovered she was losing her hearing in 1997 at age 48 and became a member of HLAA in 2008. She would like HLAA to become a household word and has been directing her efforts to that end since becoming a HLAA Diablo Valley Chapter Board member in 2009.

Ann graduated from the University of San Francisco with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior/Development, received nonprofit training from the esteemed CompassPoint Nonprofit Services in San Francisco, attended California State Board of Equalization Workshops for Nonprofits, and has experience working with several additional nonprofits.