Action Alert: Medicare Coverage of Hearing Aids

You may be aware that there is a movement afoot to expand Medicare to include hearing health care. That would mean for the first time, people who rely on Medicare to pay their medical bills would also be able to turn to Medicare to cover the cost of hearing aids and related services.

The time has come to let your Senators and Congress members know that hearing health care matters!

Below is a sample of what you can email to your national representatives. Visit their official websites to send your emailed comments. Or visit their Facebook pages.

  • Tips for your email. Make your email short and to the point. Emphasize your personal experience with hearing aids, and your support for Medicare coverage of hearing aids.

Dear Senator [name of your U.S. Senator] or Dear Representative [name of your U.S. Representative]:

     I am a supporter of Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and a hearing aid wearer. HLAA let me know that hearing aids and hearing health care services may be included in the proposed bills that will expand Medicare. I support Medicare Coverage for hearing aids and related services.

     [add your experience – or your family experience – with the need for hearing aids and the experience of paying for hearing aids out of pocket – or use the following suggested text]

     Hearing aids are important to my life because without them, I cannot do the everyday things that I used to be able to do: talking to my grandchildren, going to the movies or watching television. Without hearing aids, I cannot even hear well enough to understand what is being said in my house of worship.

     Treating hearing loss is not simply a matter of allowing me to keep up with family events, as important as that is. Hearing loss has been linked to depression, isolation, falls and even dementia. Simply using a hearing aid may just keep me out of the hospital, a rehabilitation facility, even a nursing home.

     Being able to purchase hearing aids is important to so many people, but seniors on a fixed income must be able to turn to Medicare to have access to hearing aids and hearing health care services. Without Medicare, where can they turn?

     I urge you to ensure coverage for that hearing aid and hearing health care services under Medicare is included in legislation that passes this year.

     Please let me know where you stand on this important issue. Thank you!

Contacting your members of Congress makes all the difference. Thank you!

If you have questions, contact Lise Hamlin, director of public policy at HLAA.