Table of Contents

The Hear Nor There Project

By Marisa Sarto

A photojournalist talks about hearing loss as an invisible disability. Her current project is to capture hearing loss and personal experiences in a photo essay.

“Between Two Worlds” – The Ambiguity of Partial Deafness

By Rocky Stone

As the Hearing Loss Association of America celebrates its 33rd anniversary this November, we look back at Founder Rocky Stone’s editorials from his column “An Invisible Condition.”

Better Hearing, Better Health: The Relationship Between Hearing Loss and Health Related Quality of Life

By Brad Ingrao

Dr. Ingrao presents research on the topic and gives helpful advice as an audiologist.

Convention 2013 – We’re Headed West to the City of Roses

By Nancy Macklin

Join us in Portland, Oregon, June 27-30 for HLAA Convention 2013. Register now and receive early-bird discounts.

Shopping for Phones

By Lise Hamlin

With the new iPhone 5 hot on the market, it’s a good time to talk about phones that work for people with hearing loss. 

Friendship Doesn’t Discriminate by Age

By Hayleigh Scott and Netagene Kirkpatrick

Across the miles, these two have struck up an unlikely friendship with a common interest.

Seen & Heard: George Kosovich


By Vern Thayer

An HLAA member looks back over the years and remembers how it all started when he met a few people who encouraged him to get help with his hearing loss.

From the Executive Director’s Desk

By Brenda Battat

In an historical communiqué, three major professional organizations share their thoughts about the future of hearing health care deliver.


President’s Message

By Diana Bender

The Board of Trustees embarks on a search for a new executive director.