Summer 2021

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In this issue of Hearing Life, we celebrate the thirteen remarkable people who work tirelessly to educate, inspire and advocate for people with hearing loss.

A Note From Our Executive Director

By Barbara Kelley

It Was an Honest Question: “What Does Advocacy Mean?”

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Thoughts From Our Board Chair

By Kevin Franck

Fulfilling HLAA’s Mission

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Pat and Fred Williams: Advocates Who Make a Profound Impact

By Shannon Tyree

Pat and Fred Williams help everyone they meet who has hearing loss by solving problems and creating solutions—one person at a time.

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Eyes—and Ears—on the Future

By Kaitlyn Champagne

This young entrepreneur has big invention plans to help her fellow equestrians with hearing loss.

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“You’re Going Deaf!”

By Mary Frances Gosnell

By sharing our experiences, encouraging others and making the best of wherever we may be advances us on the path of acceptance and shows the world that there is hope.

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By Lise Hamlin

A Hunger for Worldwide Cochlear Implant Advocacy

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Advocates Create Change in More Ways Than One

By Abraham J. Bonowitz with Celeste Fitzgerald

Because of the authors’ advocacy for both justice and hearing loss, New Jersey became the first state since 1964 to legislatively repeal its death penalty, and at least one hearing room had been outfitted with a completely new audio system.

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Advocacy Matters: Be the Change

By Melissa and Ally Tumblin

A mother and daughter have helped pave the way for many other children and adults with microtia and atresia, as well as their families, for the past decade.

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You Belong Here

By Senthil Srinivasan

In providing an online platform for people with hearing loss, the author finds his voice.

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By Walk Staff

Walk4Hearing is Back in Your Community This Fall

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Aid the Silent: Turning Disability Into Ability

By Emma Faye Rudkin

Aid the Silent is committed to advocating and supporting the Deaf and people with hearing loss through deaf resources, deaf education, deaf ministry and deaf awareness.

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The Myth of Acceptance

By Michael A. Harvey

A patient navigates the journey of grief and acceptance of her hearing loss.

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By Lynn Johnson

A Sense of Belonging

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Health Care Communication Access

By Megan Morris

Equitable Health Care: Setting the Record Straight

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Going Forward…and Giving Back

By Dustin Feldman

This active Walk4Hearing volunteer advocates for accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion for those in the hearing loss community.

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My Life as a Spy Kid

By Katie Byxbee

When her classmates discover Katie’s FM system allows her to eavesdrop on top-secret conversations among their teachers, she earns the nickname Spy Kid.

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Leading a Charmed Life

By Hayleigh Scott

The founder of Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms has shared her hearing loss and life journey to inspire others to not only show their hearing devices but also to celebrate them.

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