Chad Ruffin

ENT Doctor and Cochlear Implant Surgeon, Dr. Chad Ruffin


Chad Ruffin

Dr. Chad Ruffin is an ENT Doctor, Cochlear Implant Surgeon and advocate for adults and kids. Born with severe hearing loss, he is uniquely equipped with the skills and experience necessary to improve the lives of hard of hearing patients. Dr. Ruffin completed surgical training at Indiana University, one of the most rigorous otolaryngology residency programs. He also completed advanced training in ear surgery and cochlear implant research as a faculty physician at Indiana University. He is passionate about using his journey as a deaf patient, surgeon, auditory neuroscientist, and hearing technology innovator to help others succeed with hearing loss.

In addition to working one-on-one with patients at his clinic in Seattle, Dr. Ruffin and his team perform innovative research and advocacy for the hard of hearing community.

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