HLAA Product Showcase Webinar: Never Miss a Word with Olelo Captioned Calls

December 15, 2021



Olelo Captioned Calls is an easy-to-use, 100%-private app developed by MachineGenius, a telecommunications company founded in Holliston, Massachusetts in 2017 with a mission to help people with hearing loss have a seamless calling experience. Using advanced speech recognition technology, Olelo combines simplicity, accuracy, and speed to create next-generation captioned telephone service. The app is at no cost for those with hearing loss and is supported by the Federal TRS / IP CTS fund. Olelo’s goal is simple: empower users with the independence to place and receive calls confidently. Learn more about how Olelo works for you during this webinar!


Erik Strand Headshot

Erik Strand

CEO & Founder, MachineGenius, Inc.

Erik Strand created MachineGenius, Inc. in 2017 with the express purpose to modernize and automate the Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) approach. MachineGenius’ smartphone app, Olelo Captioned Calls, was the first FCC-conditionally certified IP CTS provider to generate call captions exclusively using Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). Over the... Read More >