Did You Know Rochester, New York, is the Most Hearing-Friendly City in the Country?

The Rochester Airport is even looped! There are so many reasons to come to the HLAA2019 Convention in Rochester, New York, June 20-23. At the Convention you will meet other people with hearing loss, see the latest technology for people with hearing loss and learn in the most communication accessible environment you’ll find anywhere.

When you wander outside the Convention you will quickly discover the beauty and history of Rochester. The quaint upstate New York city is filled with museums, history, vineyards, lovely neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, music (the jazz festival will be taking place), theater, festivals, sports, and more. But what makes Rochester extra special is that it is also the most hearing-friendly city in the country. So when you come to Rochester, you won’t just be in a hearing-friendly Convention, you’ll be in a hearing-friendly city! Discover Rochester here.

Register by March 1 for early-bird discountsIf you are HLAA Chapter minded, there is a whole schedule of workshops just for you.

Don’t miss the new and engaging format this year for the Research Symposium on Genetics and Hearing Loss.

Tell a friend — free Exhibit Hall entry to anyone!

For lots of people, it’s a car ride up (or down) the East Coast. Don’t miss this easy-to-get-to lovely city, undiscovered by many!

Will I see you there? I hope so. HLAA2019 will not disappoint. Rochester seems like it’s a city just for us!
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Barbara Kelley
Executive Director
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